Digital Signage at service of consumer engagement

omnivex-slide-1-copyNowadays, digital signage is everywhere.
Gone the old novelty of digital billboards at major high streets, retail stores and hospitals, they have now become a part of our daily lives.
As a way of pursuing the attention of an ever disinterested and disconnected public, companies and marketers have found a way of making a better use of this technology; By linking it to relation and experience marketing, they have found a way of making consumers engage more with their brands.

A new and alternative method that enabled companies to, not to only maintain their costumers informed about them, but also offer them unique and memorable moments, and thus making them a tiny bit more loyal to their brands.
Even though the results of this partnership is visible almost everywhere we go (at our working place, restaurants, cafés, supermarkets and even public transports), it is still quite restrained in terms of usability and interaction with the user. In other words, digital signage application to marketing as a whole it is still very information-based.

waitrose-christmas-app-qr-codeFollowing suit to the chameleonic nature of marketing, it needs to adapt a more versatile way of engaging consumers to brands, as there is no limit to what it can be in the future. Organisations have come to this same conclusion and have started to invest in finding new ways of promoting themselves through this technology. Be it through touch screens, body sensors or QR codes, they are creating new paths to deepen costumer engagement with their brands and reinforcing their names in the market.

Taking into account that technological growth and development is deeply related to this phenomenon, we can only hope that new futuristic tools such as 3D screens that can be visible with or without glasses or water and fog screens that creates dreamy illusions, can become an answer for brands who constantly seek new ways of creating deeper connections with their customers.

 … Always through particular experiences that could make even those who are constantly busy to spend a few minutes of their time to see, to listen and to ‘feel’ what is around them.


Schaeffler, Jimmy “Digital Signage: Software, networks, advertising and displays: A primer for understanding the business”

Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures from this post.


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